Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Shares the Secrets of her Successful 20-Year Marriage

Omotola and Husband

The Ekeinde’s recently celebrated 20 years of marriage (click here if you missed it) and we think Omotola Jalade Ekeinde would definitely be one of the right people to give advice on how to build a successful marriage.

News of Ekeinde’s 20 years of marriage celebration has gone viral and just now the Actress seems to be a perfect marriage counsellor with an advice on how to build a successful marriage.

The Actress and mother to four children recently wrote 2 tips to having a successful marriage while speaking to Kemi Asefon on “The Love Haven”. According to her, the best way to have a successful marraige is by paying your tithe and staying close to each other.

She said

“If you want to be successfully married, they have to take time to be so close to each other that every other thing does not matter. There should never be third parties in your marriage. It is like a wall. The minute it’s cracked and lizards start coming in, it will be hard to find that lizards and throw them out. And they will start creeping into your family. Try and always sort out the issues between you.”

Talking about paying your tithe, she added,

“Pay your tithe individually. It’s a covering. This is our secret. When you don’t pay your tithe, you have not committed yourself and your home will not be put together. It is your foundation. But when you pay your tithe, God helps you take away every devourer. When that is taken care of and you are God-fearing, as darts are coming from every angle, you are already fortified. If you trust each other, tell each other the truth even if one person errs.”




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